Your Solution for Minimal Downtime and Business Continuity

Does your business have:

  • A copy of your data?
  • Offsite storage?
  • A process to recover a failed network? Files? Cloud Services? Servers? SaaS? Websites?
  • A recovery plan that allows for minimal downtime when your network fails?

Could your business benefit from:

  • Backup success verification daily?
  • A true business continuity plan?
  • Data recovery with minimal downtime?
  • Approaching daily management with confidence knowing that your network can be fully recovered regardless of the level of disruption?

Opti-Vise IT understands the importance of your business operations. Our disaster recovery and data backup solutions allow for maximum uptime even when a network disaster strikes. We backup your in-house data on and off-site so that you will be equipped to keep your business running as it was before your network went down. This provides minimal risk of network downtime, allowing your business to continue functioning at peak efficiency while protecting all your company’s data on a regular basis.

Opti-Vise partners with Datto, the best in data backup solutions and cloud continuity services. It works like this...


Datto backs up entire systems.


Files are stored locally and transmitted offsite.


All backups are tested automatically.


The user-friendly interface allows employees to regain access to their files quickly.


Datto uses image software to recreate your entire failed system with little to no downtime required.

How Will Datto Benefit Your Business?

  1. Datto is a true business continuity solution, not just a backup service. Datto allows you to continue your business operations with access to your data despite network failure. All your backup data is tested regularly, allowing you the ability to access all of your most recent data.
  2. Datto has a short recovery time objective and a recovery point that allows you to access all your data, including the most recent, in little to no time.

More about Datto

This service eliminates data loss and allows your employees to be back up and running quickly and exactly as they were before.

Our services provide everything that you could possibly need to keep your business running:

  1. Eliminates the risk of downtime.
  2. Fluid business continuity.
  3. No more losing important documents and files.

We understand that time is money! Allow yourself the opportunity to continue as normal amid a network disaster with our disaster recovery and data backup services!

Why Choose Opti-Vise as Your Datto Service Provider?

We are a Datto Blue Diamond Partner. This high level of partnership allows us to provide a higher level of support through access to certain technical support functions that other managed IT companies do not have.

Our Vice President, Kyle Hamilton, is a current member of Datto’s Global Advisory Board

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