Eye-catching images are a critical part of any content strategy. However, finding the perfect visual to include with a blog, social media post, or advertisement can be tough for businesses’ creative teams.

The new AI image editing tools in Microsoft Copilot make it easier than ever to create unique, eye-catching images in minutes. Upgrades to the Dall-E-powered AI art generator allow further customization of images to match the vision and company’s brand better using a sleeker and more user-friendly interface. It only takes a few seconds and a couple of clicks to generate customized visuals, even for users without design experience. 

What to Expect from Copilot’s Upgrade 

The recent upgrades to Microsoft Copilot’s interface include both capability and UI improvements to make the tool more valuable. 

The first notable change to the tool is the look and feel of the homepage, which now features a carousel of generated images and suggested prompts to create one-of-a-kind images. The chat box for prompts appears at the bottom of the page. 

Creating images in Copilot remains simple: Once you enter your prompt, the software will produce four images to select from. It’s here that the upgrade shines, as you can click on the image you want and make it fully custom using the web app Designer. Designer provides powerful AI image editing tools for users working the web or with Copilot in Windows. 

Image Customization With Designer

The new Designer feature makes it possible to tweak AI-generated images in seconds without leaving the chat box. Using text-to-image prompts, you can change the image right on the canvas. Some of the changes you can make include:

  • Enhance or change colors within the image
  • Blur or remove the background
  • Highlight specific parts of the image
  • Change the art style
  • Change the shape of the image (square to landscape, for example)
  • Crop the image
  • Add filters
  • Add or remove elements of the image 

Ultimately, the addition of Designer to Copilot makes it easier for businesses’ creative teams to harness the power of AI for rapid content creation. Instead of investing in bland stock photography or settling for “good enough” images, you can better engage your audience with custom visuals that better reflect your business’s brand. 

Making the Most of AI-Generated Images with Microsoft Copilot

Most of the features of the upgraded Microsoft Copilot are free to personal users. Still, the paid Copilot Pro option increases the functionality of the AI image editing tools. Microsoft promises increased capabilities in the future that will help content creators even more effectively visualize their ideas. 

For now, the in-line editing capabilities of the upgraded Microsoft Copilot represent a big step forward in the usability of AI-generated images. While Dall-E-powered art generators can produce attractive and usable images, many business owners need the ability to make them even better and more in line with their brands. The Microsoft Copilot upgrade makes this possible, allowing you to generate and tweak AI images efficiently without sacrificing creativity. 

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